Monday, August 31, 2009

Back to School...

back to routine...

Since a month has passed, I think I'll give you the brief description of the past 31 day!

  • relaxed time with G's family - complete with a fun wedding and wonderful sunny summer weather
  • fun-filled 4 days with my family - it's always so much fun to watch our kids getting to know each other all over again
  • summer skate camp - so much fun - major blisters from new skates - so glad the regular season begins today!
  • hockey camp - sunshine really helps to combat that funky hockey gear smell!
  • and today... back to school!

I did some knitting and spinning too.

  • Finished "Jolie" for my sister - neglected to get any finished photos. This was long overdue. I had the bulk of the knitting done on it for over 18 months and just needed to sew it together. I'm glad it's done and glad it fits her so well.
  • Continued knitting on this brown sock.
  • Spun some from Aurelia Wools - lovely worsted weight for mittens.
  • Spun a few Phat Fiber Samples.

And speaking of Phat Fiber, my August box arrived on Saturday. Lots of lovelies... Please feel free to give yourself a shout-out in the comments if you see your stuff. I didn't have time to link and label everything... my house is in shambles from the last minute rush of back-to-school prep of the past few days


I received two stitch markers: a cute little apple and some linky sort of ones and a great knitters' balm

12 yummy fluff samples:

3 wonderful yarn samples:
It's good to be back!