Friday, October 29, 2010

Spindies Paint Box

I was recently asked to write up a guest blog post about my experience with my Wisteria Paint Box from Spindies.

Check it out over on the Spindies Blog.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Domo kun Mittens

My daughter has been searching Ravelry for free mitten patterns and has picked three for me to knit for her. She has decided I should start on the easiest pair first in the hope that she'll have a pair to wear before it gets too cold. Smart girl, no?

Since the Domo kun mittens I've cast on are only a 1" tube of fingering weight ribbing in Knit Picks Gloss, here's my inspiration pic instead!

I'm going to make full mittens, rather than fingerless and I'll probably make a square top so that it's more like Domo's head.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

So much and so little at the same time

I'm sure I've done a lot in the last 4 weeks, and yet it went by so fast it seems like just yesterday was mid September. It's amazing that almost 4 weeks have gone by since I last posted. I really don't have any good reasons for that - other than the normal busyness of life. I've been spinning, knitting and homeschooling... but haven't made the time to post it here.

Please forgive me.

Here's a few of the pretties that have been occupying my time...

260 yds 3ply sport weight. Spun from "Happy Vamp" batts from Knitty and Color. Love her colors!

A needle felted sheep. I melt every time I look into his felted sheepy eyes, even though I made them myself! Pattern by Bear Creak Designs, wool from Natchwoolie.

A colorworked Estonian Sheep Puppet. While I do like this, I'm not overly happy with my yarn choice. The pattern doesn't pop as there is less contrast than I initially thought there would be with the white and multigreen yarn. And somehow his ears look less than sheepy.

And I've started a few new projects: spinnng my Wisteria Spindies Box and making a pair of Domo mittens for my dd.