Monday, December 31, 2012

Wonderful Christmas Gifts!

G and the kids got me a blending hackle and wool combs for Christmas this year! I was quite thrilled and pleased. He even started his shopping on December 1st rather than waiting until Christmas Eve. The set arrived this past Friday, but I didn't get a chance to play with it until Sunday evening as we had been away for the weekend.

The set he purchased is from Moon Song Ranch.

(Doug, if you'd prefer I remove the photo that I took from the listing in your etsy shop, please let me know. 
Your photo was much better than mine.)

Doug included a little sample package of gorgeous grey alpaca fleece, from their boy Tycho, some wool in a few different colors, some silk and some firestar (or is it angelina - I can never remember which is which) I've been playing with it already and have a few little nests of blended top!

I'm spinning it on my Kundert spindle as a DK weight low twist singles.

I can see this being a lot of fun! I have some farm fresh merino lamb I want to make into combed top next!

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