Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fair Trade

A coworker of G's keeps bees. He promised me some of his honey and it is truly amazing stuff. It tastes like caramel rather than honey and I think it may seriously impede my efforts to lose weight as I'm eating it by the spoonful!

He does not accept cash for honey and I decided to make him a pair of thrummed mittens as payment.

They are my generic mitten pattern with staggered thrums on every 6th stitch of every 4th row. I used Briggs and Little Woolen Mills Country Roving as thrums and miscellaneous black wool I had in my stash.

Fair Trade? I think it's a sweet deal!


Julie said...

ooh, honey for thrummed mitts! that's a great trade. fresh local honey is amazing, my dad keeps bees as well, and it's incredible. Not like caramel, though- I think you're getting some premium honey!

Charity said...

These are really lovely! I've been longing to knit a pair of thrummed mitts... :o)

hollyberry knits said...

You are a generous knitter. I love honey, but I think the beekeeper owes you another pint for those fantastic mittens! Thrums are the best!