Monday, February 2, 2009

James Bay Interclub 2009

We spent a fun weekend in Hearst for the Regional Competition. B skated amazingly and got a bronze medal for her free skate. Her team placed 4th for the team event. We had a great time with friends and enjoyed watching all the skaters compete. The Hearst Figure Skating club did a great job hosting this event.

M stayed in town with friends for the weekend. We missed him, but he had a way more fun time than if he'd come to the competition (hockey, tubing, snowmachine rides, building snow tunnels, etc). On Friday night, we were leaving the arena, and B stopped in the middle of the street in a panic and said "Where's M? Did Dad leave him in the arena?!" I love how she mothers him!

And the first of the FWSM is done. The second has about 1.5" knit. I love the way the cuff finishes off the mitten and it fits me wonderfully.


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