Saturday, September 12, 2009

Thanks Roo!

Dear Roo,

Thank you for your generous sampler box! It was more than expected and such a fun and wonderful surprise! I love the Summer Grasses Moonbeam (as I expected I would). The beautiful green/blue solar dyed milk protein fiber, pink solar dyed bamboo top, and handyed orangey-pink SA merino are all amazing too!

Thanks so much!



In my July Phat Fiber Box (click the linky so you know what that is), I had a sample of guanaco noil that I had no idea what I'd use it for. On Ravelry, there is a forum thread for swapping samples from the boxes. I noticed Roo, from Moonwood Farm, was looking for more guanaco noil and offered it to her. She suggested I pick out a color of one of her "Moonbeams" in trade. I sent off the noil and was expecting a small envelope with a 1/4oz little beauty to arrive. I received such an unexpected little surprise when I opened the parcel. Four samples of different fibers all packaged beautifully and with a teensy little lavender sachet to make things smell heavenly. And the "Moonbeam" was bigger than I'd expected! If your a spinner, or just love petting soft fluffy fiber, go visit Roo's etsy shop!


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