Thursday, October 22, 2009


Here is Simon the Cyclops, just as B envisioned him. I'm quite pleased with how he looks. B was so right about the pointed toes - they really do add something. I love his stripy leggings too.
But I think my favorite part is how well his eye turned out. I used a small piece of white felt and glued it to his body using fabric glue. Then I poked a safety eye through both the felt and the knitted fabric and snapped it in place. Sometimes I feel using felt pieces to make the facial details is a bit of a cheat on a knitted toy, but I love how it looks and know I could never make it look as darling with embroidery.
I'll be writing up the pattern and making him available for purchase in my etsy shop and on Ravelry soon.


Tam said...

He is absolutely awesome!!! I need to start knitting up the patterns I have from you! (Beth's Kitty, Evinrude and I'm Canadian, eh!)

Anonymous said...

I love him! It was really fun to watch you develop this idea.

PogKnits said...

Thanks mildawg!
Usually I either finish up an idea too quickly or forget to take time to photograph my design process. But since my dd is in school and sleeps, I had to wait for her in between steps! It was fun to document what goes on in my brain! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Team Knit ! said...

So cute!! what an adorable knit.

- Julie