Friday, March 5, 2010

Where have you been?

Well, what with the Olympics (sure feels good to be Canadian!) and with a little trip out west and with kids with busy schedules and a nasty chest cold, I've given few updates over the last few weeks. But I'm back to some semblance of a normal schedule now and have two socks to show for my absence!

First up: the Sleepy Hollow socks.

The Briggs & Little yarn might not have been the best choice for this pattern, but I love the rustic wooliness of it and while the pattern does not show as crisply as it might with another yarn, I still love how these socks are turning out. Just have to graft the toe on the first sock and then off to the second. I'm using my Crystal Palace 2.0mm bamboo dpns and got lots of knitting done on the plane. Only one person seemed to even notice that I was knitting and he couldn't seem to get the concept to work for him

Second on the current wip pile: Skew!

When I bought the Footloose yarn, I was definitely thinking Skew. I just didn't realize how addicting they would be. I'm almost at the "Inner Ankle" section of the first sock (I started yesterday) and am loving the cleverness of the pattern. It makes you feel like saying, "Why didn't I think of that?" I may take a while getting back to the second Sleepy Hollow sock since Skew is so much fun. Footloose is soft and smooshy. I find it a tiny bit prone to splitting, especially when doing the LLinc and RLinc's that are frequent in the Skew pattern. I'm a bit concerned that the softness may cause it to pill quickly, but so far, I am enjoying the way the yarn is colored and the way it feels. My feet can't wait to see how it feels as socks!


Julie said...

ooh, love that sleepy hollow sock!

mildawg said...

Gorgeous sock! The color works amazingly with the pattern.