Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Catching up

One of the projects I've been working on over the last month was a Phat Fiber SAL/KAL. The PhatFiberLady created a lovely shawl pattern, the Fountainhead Shawl, that was posted on the Phat Fiber Secret Site (click here for details on how you can access the secret site). This SAL/KAL ran for March and April, and since I'm not really a shawl person, I didn't really bite until mid-April, when I decided that I could make a beautiful scarf using this stitch pattern.

Not being the sort of person who likes to hand in a project late, I started spinning with a vengeance.

These are Knitty and Color's Flightless Bird batts. I had decided to spin a two ply laceweight and since I have a hard time spinning anything finer than fingering weight on my wheel, this was spindle project.

It took 8 days of feverish spinning to get ~600 yards of what I believe to be a breath takingly beautiful laceweight. To say this yarn is grey is so much an understatement. More like hematite, but much, much more than that.

With less than a week remaining in April, I cast on for my scarf version of Jessie's beautiful shawl. (Mod's here) And 5 days later it was blocking!

Although spring arrived early here in Northern Ontario, it is still quite frosty in the morning and I have had a few opportunities to wear my new scarf. I think I'm in love! None of the photos capture the beauty of the yarn sufficiently.


Julie said...

gorgeous handspun, I love, love LOVE the colour! and that shawl is just amazing!!

Tam said...

Wonderful job! I can't imagine using my spindle to spin all that fiber!!! Maybe if I would practice!! Even using my spinning wheel I would still be spinning! Your yarn and scarf turned out fabulous!

Anonymous said...

That is soo nice, I want that. I know nothing about spinning, I just started my knitting obsession, maybe I'll get there someday...