Thursday, May 20, 2010

It's All my Fault

Hi, Mommy said I had to tell all of you what I've been up to the last few days. Well I do lots of stuff every day, but Mommy said I should start my story with what happened on Monday. On Monday we went for a WALK and it was so much fun and there were birds and people to sniff and OTHER DOGS!!!

We go for walks almost every day but every time we go out the smells are new and exiting and yummy and snuffly and... oh, right, Monday... On Monday there was a little grey mini schnauzer that always looks like he'd be really good to sniff and lick and maybe even PLAY WITH, and Mommy wouldn't let me play with him. Mommy says I also have to tell you that since I'm a VERY big dog when I try to go in a direction she doesn't want me to, especially when I go very fast, she doesn't like it. She hasn't taken me out for walks since Monday, actually she hasn't seemed very much herself since then. She keeps taking medicine and putting funny smelling cream and warm things on her neck and back. She hasn't been sitting infront of the thing that spins around and that I have to be careful not to get my feet under, doesn't sit at the computer, hasn't been doing that thing with the pointy sticks and string, gets the smaller people and Daddy to lift things for her, and seems really grumpy. I hope she gets over this soon, I've got a mini schnauzer to snuffle.


Julie said...

aww, that was so cute!!!

Fran said...

So contrite ! Hope you feel better soon.