Monday, May 24, 2010

Summer Knitting

Quite some time ago I found a killer sale on some taupe Paton's Grace (~75% off) at Michael's and since B hates wool, I thought I'd pick some up to make her a little shrug. She's decided on the Shetland Shorty from Summer '08 Knitty. This has presented a few difficulties as the pattern calls for fingering weight and Grace is not. But after some swatching, punching of calculator buttons and scribbling and erasing with a pencil, I think it's working.

Here's the progress so far - almost to the armpits. She's loving it and it appears to be fitting despite my needing to rework all the measurement for the heavier weight yarn. This color works with so much of her summer clothes too, so she's thrilled.

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Julie said...

ooh, I've wanted to knit that pattern for so long!! I love the colour you chose.