Monday, September 12, 2011

Blending... Blending... Blending...

I'm finding this a bit monotonous. I carded all the Romney. I carded all the Bruno. I carded 12 little baggies.

The baggies were the worst. So as not to overload my hand cards, I split the contents of each baggie into 4 roughly equal parts. Card, card, card, card. Then I stacked each of those parts on top of one another and split it into 4 again. Card, card, card, card. If it didn't look quite homogeneous, I did it a 3rd time. Card, card, card, card. Now in case this is looking extremely bleak, please note that the baggies containing 100% Bruno, didn't need to be blended as it's all the same lovely black. The baggies containing 100% Romney did need to be blended as some of the locks were darker and for the gradual color changes, I didn't want it to start light, get darker, go light again before spinning the next baggie. So I guess that's only 10 baggies... card, card, card, card.

So here is one of the two batches of blended fibers.

Despite the monotony, the blister on my finger and the sore muscles (did you know carding uses muscles I don't use for very many other things) I think this pic of the gradually color changing fiber makes it worthwile. I'm excited to spin...

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