Sunday, September 18, 2011

Goji Pop Coffee Cake

We have a new DavidsTea in the mall. B and I love tea. We love coffee too, but tea is more fun! So far we've spent far too much in loose tea at DavidsTea. Recently we tried some Goji Pop herbal tea. It was so yummy. When I looked at the ingredients (and the left over bits from steeping) it seemed to me that it's mostly dried fruit and it looked quite tasty. I was thinking that a Goji Pop coffee cake would be awesome.

Since we didn't want to waste (in case it turned out to be really untasty), B and I decided on a half sized cake. I followed this recipe (halved, obviosly). In place of the raspberries, I used 1/4 cup Goji Pop tea, reconstited in 1/4 cup water. And I left out the cinnamon and ginger. I could have used a wee bit less water, as the extra liquid ran right out of my mini springform pan - taking amazing flavour with it.

It smells amazing and the taste...


I think we're on to something here.

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