Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Few Samples

I spent some time spinning little samples for Project Spinway.

First up: fingering weight yarn with one ply Romney and one ply "Bruno" I was surprised how this sample knitted up. I'm not usually a fan of how yarns that have one dark and one light ply knit up, but this one knitted up to be something I don't not like.

Second: light fingering weight 2ply in a 50/50 Romney/"Bruno" blend. I love this yarn and the sample. It has lovely drape and a wonderful halo from the chiengora.

Third: heavy fingering weight yarn 3ply in a 50/50 Romney/"Bruno" blend. Again a wonderful halo to the knitted swatch. I think I would use larger needles, but I had only brought one set with me to swatch my mini-skeins.

Fourth: heavy fingering weight, maybe closer to sport weight, 3 ply. I n-plyed this yarn to maintain the graduation from Romney to "Bruno". To make this yarn I carded up five little fluff piles ranging from all Romney, 75/25, 50/50, 25/75 to all "Bruno". Knit up on 2.75mm needles, this is my favorite sample of all of them. Since I was only sampling, I eyeballed the ratios. If I decide to make a full-sized skein like this, I would use my scale for greater accuracy and repeatability.

And lastly: a high twist 2ply in a 50/50 Romney/"Bruno" blend, suitable (maybe?) as a core for supercoils or as the warp on my rigid heddle. The supercoil attempt will happen within the next few days...

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