Wednesday, January 13, 2010

While I Knit my Gauge Swatch

I've got an idea I plan to use for the Generic Mitten Tutorial, but I'm still working on my gauge swatch, so "Generic Mitten Tutorial - The Cuff" needs to wait until my swatch is done.

I will show you this much of it:

This is a pair of M's recycled socks. He blew out the balls of the foot and didn't tell me until the holes were far to big to darn. I probably could have repaired them somehow, but they were starting to get a bit small anyways. To go with this lovely neutral gray, I'm going to use lots of Phat Fiber fingering weight samples.

I also bought some new yarn last weekend. I hadn't seen this particular Paton's sock yarn before and I loved the colors.

I'm making leg warmers to wear under my jeans since I spend about 10 hours a week in the freezing cold arena watching the kids figure skate and play hockey. I think this is a great plan. Nobody but me will see my wildly colored legwarmers and I will be toasty! I will not have enough yarn in the two balls I bought to complete my leg warmers to the length I like - I hope to be able to find another ball next time I'm in town.

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mother of squirrel said...

i made some socks for my father-in-law out of this yarn-nice price