Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mini Olympic Red Mittens

We are big Olympics fans here. Both kids asked Santa for Olympic Red mittens - as they were nearly impossible to find before Christmas. With the assistance of a special elf, Santa delivered and both kids found the red mittens in their stockings Christmas morning.

M recently asked me to make a pair for his bear, and these are the result. Quatchi was more than willing to pose, as Pooh bear is slightly embarrased by his exteme lack of fur.
If you'd like to make a pair of mini Olympic Red Mittens for yourself, the PDF is available as a free Ravelry download.
** download now**



Tam said...

So cute - downloading the pattern right now! Thanks so much.

Julie said...

So adorable!! And what a great replica, they look just like the people-sized ones! I too know how hard they were to find- I had to visit The Bay 4 time sin 3 weeks to get them, as they were an Xmas gift. Tough to get, for sure!

Anonymous said...

Adorable -- I'm loving the photo!

Anonymous said...

These mini mittens are great!
For people sizes of Olympic mittens (child's through to adult's as I recall) check out:


Alysa said...

Your mitten pattern is great. I included a link to your pattern in an article I wrote as "The Boston Knitting Examiner". You can see it at


Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores said...

Hope you don't mind -- we shared a link to your blog on our Facebook page in honor of the start of the 2010 Winter Olympics. They're adorable -- saw them first on Ravelry. Thanks for sharing your pattern and the adorable results!
Leigh-Anne (at Jo-Ann)

Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores said...

BTW, here's a link to our Facebook page. Drop on by...

Gina said...

I just downloaded and printed out my pattern. Also sent the link to my mom (EXPERT knitter) as I don't knit that much. But I have a friend who LOVES the Olympics and this is just what she needs to LIFT her spirits. I CAN DO THIS!! RIGHT??? :-)

PogKnits said...

Please feel free to share the link with any one you wish.