Sunday, January 17, 2010

Generic Mittens: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

So I've reached a common stage in my mitten making process. The frogging and restarting stage.

I've knit two cuffs and was nicely progressing on the Wrist to Thumb section (instructions still in-the-works), when I realized a few things.

I believe I mentioned that this particular stitch pattern really sucks up row gauge. I had thought to myself that it also comes out wider than my typical stitch gauge for fingering weight yarn. As with many a trip to the frog pond, this realization failed to fully register. You may recall that I cautioned that you should base your cuff sts on a stockinette stitch gauge if you're using a cabled pattern. This would prevent your cuff being too wide. Even after that tidbit that I passed on to you, I failed to notice that if a stitch pattern is wider than the typical stockinette stitch gauge, and you base you cuff sts on that number, you will get a cuff that is tighter than you might expect.

So while I have two cuffs knit to my prefered length of 3 inches, they are a bit too tight for my liking. I was going to ignore it. So I carried on and began working on the wrist to thumb section of my mitten, including the increases for the thumb gusset. I love how this pattern is looking. I love how colorful it is, but I messed up on the pattern in a few spots and have noticed that a few things I typically do with the increases for the thumb gusset won't work as well with this stitch pattern. So it's being frogged.

New Cast-on Math:

My typical stockinette stitch gauge: 7.5 sts/inch
My hand diameter measurment: 8.25 inches

8.25inches x 7.5sts/inch = 61.875sts

So I'll be casting on 62 sts for my new K1P1 cuffs.

I'll post "Generic Mittens: From Wrist to Thumb" as soon as I have my cuffs knit to my prefered 3" long. Boy that sounds like deja vu!

Now I just have to remember to decrease back down to 54 sts before I begin my patterned section!

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Felicity said...

Don't you hate it when you end up having to frog because you missed a little detail you know?

Looking forward to more lessons about your standard mitten when you get a chance. What little bit of the colour pattern you had done looks really pretty, and I'm really looking forward to seeing more since I can't stand doing colour work myself.