Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Generic Mitten: From Thumb to Pinkie Tip

Ok! So here are my mitts with the thumb stitches snuggled onto a stitch holder. You may notice that I've knit a few rows past the thumb sts already.

From "Thumb to Pinkie Tip" is most likely the easiest part of the mitten, depending of course, on whether the stitch pattern you are using is simpler than the ribbing you chose for your cuff.

step 1: count your sts
You should have the same amount of sts that you calculated you'd need for your hand diameter. If it's off by a stitch or 2 this may be ok. If your stitch pattern needs a certain amount of sts, or if you're using super bulky yarn and a single stitch might make your mitten 1/2 inch smaller, you might want to consider increasing for the needed sts evenly across the first row after the thumb sts have been set aside.

I counted mine: I have 54 on the left mitten. I needed 54 - this makes me quite happy as that rarely happens. Sometimes I rip back to where I messed up, sometimes I just leave it. Like on the right mitten. I have 52. I fudged it a bit. I think it will work out ok.

step 2: knit happily
Carry on knitting in your chosen pattern until your mitten Measurement #5 (Hand Length) from "Generic Mittens: Getting Started" equals the length of your mitten when measured from the end of the ribbing.

And that's all there is, there isn't anymore! (kudos to anyone who knows what book that's quoted from!)

I'm off to bake a cake for M's birthday and get ready for his party this weekend. "Generic Mitten: Decreasing the Top" will hopefully be posted early next week.

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Felicity said...

I just wanted to let you know that your mitten tutorial was indispensable when I was knitting up my arm warmers. Thanks so much for sharing!

If you want to see pictures of said armwarmers, they're on my blog.