Monday, March 7, 2011

Energy Savings Tip

I finished my Nola's Slipper's yesterday and they are very toasty indeed!

I used some handspun worsted weight held double. This was my one of my first wheel spun yarns and was definitely the first I hand carded. When I bought my wheel (I believe 3rd or 4th hand) the woman I bought from included some Ashford handcards and several pounds of brown fleece that she had washed, but not processed in anyway. I have no idea what kind of sheep it was from, except that the box it came in was marked "NZ fleece". Even though the approximately 800 yds of miscellaneous brown yarn was not amazing or even amazingly spun, I have a soft spot in my heart for it. I learned so much from that plain, seemingly boring, brown fleece. It was appropriate to make something out of it for someone who would appreciate not just the end product, but also what went into it. So I made slippers for me!!!

I've discovered that when I wear them, I have to lower the thermostat by 2 degrees Celsius! I've decided everyone in the family needs a pair - my part to reduce global warming. Even G wants a pair. He specified gray - I don't think he's ever asked for me to knit something for him!

I think I'll knit a purple pair first, though. My pair keeps walking away...


alicat's mom said...

you're back!

PogKnits said...

Hi, Alicat's Mom! I am back... and glad to be. Thanks for noticing!