Monday, March 14, 2011

Rrrrrolll Up the Savings

Tim Horton's is running it's annual "Roll Up the Rim to Win" promotion. It kills me. Every time we go out the kids want to hit the drive-through.

"But we can't make French Vanillas at home"
"Their hot chocolate tastes better than yours"
"I might win a car (or a tv or a bike)"

and my all time fave...


Being the frugal mom that I am, I set out in search of a recipe to quell Reason #2. I was surprised how many recipes were out there. Armed with a well stocked pantry and a basic ingredient list, I only needed to buy vanilla flavoured coffee whitener.

After a few iterations of the chosen recipe, including the addition of some powdered milk, we hit upon paydirt.

French Vanilla Powdered Mix
1/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup powdered milk
1/3 cup vanilla flavoured coffee whitener
2 tbsp instant coffee

Whiz in your blender until it all looks mixed up well. I used 3 tbsp of the mix in a mug of boiling water. Depending on your mug size and your tastebuds, you may need more or less.

B says it's perfect - and at $0.18 per mug, I save a whopping $1.40 each time!