Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Very Wonderful Thing

Something really quite wonderful occurred during my unscheduled four month break from blogging. I got a new furry baby!

Ever since my dear Thomas died, I'd been bugging G to let me have another kitten. He continued to insist that two cats is two cats too many. At Christmas, when the kids put together their wishlists, I made one too: with only one thing on it - an orange kitten.

Poor G really didn't have a choice. The little dude was the last of a litter of five born at a nearby farm. G drove me out in a snowstorm to meet him and decide if I wanted to take him home.

Of course, it was love at first sight. Calvin came home with us November 19th.

He is the sweetest little cat. He loves cuddling, especially tummy rubs and he makes the cutest trilling noises. He is as mischievious as any kitten can be and is such fun. Tiger and Mia have accepted him. Calvin loves our big lab/husky/shepherd cross too - although Tamika is a bit shy of him. Every time she sniffs him, he starts purring and rubbing up against her.

Helping B with her homeschooling

Climbing the Christmas Tree


Julie said...

So adorable!!!! cutest little ball of fur!! He looks so proud, sitting in that Christmas tree.

PogKnits said...

Thanks Julie! Do you notice there are no ornaments on the tree in that pic? We had to wait 2 weeks to train him not to climb it, and even then, only put ornaments on the top two thirds!