Thursday, April 16, 2009

Parade of Socks (all the socks I've ever knit)

I do not have time to knit. I am too busy with the Figure Skating year end Ice Show: making costumes, helping with props, getting ready for the big night! Friday is the dress rehearsal with two shows this weekend. The other moms and I were talking last night at the arena that this is both the best and worst week of the season. It is going to be a great show!

And next week I go into high gear on another fun project: Academic Olympiad at the kids school. It will be fun family evening geared to "competing" in various academic events, with a Wii and Big Brain Academy as the door prize. Much work to be done yet, but I think two weeks should be enough. We're planning for May 11th.

But... I do have some sock to post about. Socks that have kept my feet warm all winter and will soon be going into hibernating with the winter clothes.

From the top:
  • Socks of my own design with KnitPicks Essential in Burgundy - a bit too tight. They only get worn when they're the last ones in the drawer. Maybe I should frog them and use the yarn for something I'll love?
  • Plain socks with afterthought heels both colors Patons Kroy "Norfolk Blue" and an evergreen/navy/light blue ragg that I've lost the ball band from. I loved the ragg yarn and wanted to use as much of it as I could. I split the ball in two, joined the happy yarn once I'd knit a navy toe and knit round and round and round and round until I ran out of yarn. Then I added a navy cuff and a navy afterthough heel (although it was really a planned thing) and repeated the process once more for a pair of socks I love.
  • Mini cabled ribbed socks in a pattern of my own devising knit in Lana Grossa Meilenweit Bosco "3524". I love these socks so much. They fit perfect. I love the yarn too. It's the same yarn I designed Opie with.
  • Plain toe up socks with a square heel from Wisdom Yarn's Marathon Socks - Los Angeles Color #241. Used Judy's Magic Cast-on - such a handy technique! Love these socks so much, they need to be darned on the balls of the foot. (Before I do that I need to wash the leftover yarn from making them since it's crusty from when the dog found the ball and played with it). They fit perfectly. Love the yarn too - nice and soft and squishy.
  • Plain cuff down, flap heel socks with Sunshine Yarns "Cherry Blossom" colorway from a couple of years ago. Probably the softest socks in my collection. Beth's Kitty is using this yarn to knit socks for herself too.
  • Spring Forward socks in Lana Grossa Meilenweit Marmi "7002". Great socks. Warm and comfy. The pattern was easy to remember and fun to knit.
This is all the handknit socks in my sock drawer right now. This doesn't include any that have sadly been darned so many times they had to be let go. Nor does it include the socks M has worn out, grown out of or are in his drawer (we're the only two here who like the handknit woolies on our toesies). Nor does it include the socks that I made for my sister's family of 5 a few years ago for Christmas. Or the 3 pairs for Mom and Dad. Mom has a pair of Hedera's in KnitPicks Essential "denim", a pair of Hibiscus for Hope in Patons Kroy "Muslin" and a pair of broken rib socks in Patons Kroy "Coal" that Dad let her have because he found them a bit too scratchy. (Note to self: make his next pair in KnitPicks Gloss)

My very first pair of socks were toe up Pine Tree socks in Patons Kroy "Flax". I had such fun learning to knit socks and loved that pair of socks until the ball of the foot was darned to death. I did frog the instep and cuff and still have the yarn left to make something else. I couldn't part with it.

See? I do knit socks!

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