Thursday, June 18, 2009

He made his own spindle!

After spinning his first bit of fluff, M felt he was ready for a spindle. So I promised him that the next time I was in town, I'd pick up a wooden wheel from Michael's and some dowel to make him his very own spindle. He was thrilled, but I guess he couldn't wait the week...

This is his very own original creation. I was quite surprised when he came into the room and asked "Do you think I could spin on this, Mom?" I was amazed at his ingenuity and promptly gave him some greyish brown wool to try with. It appears to work very well.
I have since made the promised spindle for him, but he prefers his K'nex spindle!


Team Knit ! said...

that is brilliant!! I can't believe he made it out of k'nex.

- Julie

Ihnasarima said...
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Ihnasarima said...

Looks like something my brother or I might do. We used K'Nex for Everything, including a stand to hold our overheating Xbox 3" off the carpet to allow air to circulate underneath so it wouldn't keep freezing up on us.

edit: ran spellcheck :)