Thursday, June 10, 2010


I decided to knit a little edging for a hankerchief with the tiny bit of silk yarn. I searched Ravelry and was surprised to find quite a few knitted lace edgings available. I picked the Apple Leaf lace and decided to drop the point border on it as I didn't want the lace to be too wide.

I've included a blue 2mm sock needle, a sewing needle and a measuring tape for scale. I couldn't remember the size of my fine steel needles. They might be 1.25mm. I could have rummaged through G's tools and found his digital calipers to confirm the diameter, but it's cool and raining today and I was comfy and warm on the couch and didn't feel like going out to the garage!

My little itty bit of lace is progressing quite quickly. To turn the corners, I working a few short rows.

eta: I did eventually go to the garage. It was cold and damp. The battery in the calipers had died! I bought a battery on Friday and the needles are US0000/1.25mm

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Julie said...

that apple leaf lace edging is looking so lovely!! Can't wait to see it all together.