Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Something New

Yesterday afternoon I decided to try making a bit of supercoil yarn. I'd seen some beautiful examples on Ravelry and thought I'd like to try. This must be the time for me to break out of my spinning comfort zone! I had a yet another Phat Fiber sample that decided it should become my first supercoil yarn.

I'd harvested a wee bit of this "Beach Glass" batt from Giffordables for a needle felting experiment, so there was only 0.2oz left. I spun a fairly thick single (for me) and ended up with 16yards. Following the example in this Youtube video, I wound some white fingering weight yarn onto my spindle and began the corespinning!

I am quite pround of my not quite 3 yards of supecoil and can see myself trying this on a larger scale some time.

I finished spinning the Wild Orchid silk too and gave it a little bath. There are about 150 yards of laceweight singles in this beautiful little 1/3 oz skein! I couldn't resist the pic of the little center-pull ball. I heart silk!

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