Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Everything is Fine Again

Although making chunky singles yarn was tons of fun, I've decided to finally try spinning some silk that was in one of my Phat Boxes. Somehow I had felt I wasn't ready for silk. But after spinning those other slippery fibers last week with great success, I thought, "let's give it a whirl". But I did want the resulting silk yarn to be fine, so we're back to my comfort zone.

This is a tussah silk sample from Wild Orchid, dyed from yellow to blue to pink, with the green and purple resulting where they ought to.

So far it's spinning up far more easily than I had expected. I don't actually find it slippery at all. It's surprisingly grippy and very easy to make a fine single with.

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Julie said...

wow, that orchid colour way is amazing!!