Monday, June 14, 2010

Silk Edged Hankerchief

I finished the edging late Friday night and blocked it Saturday morning. While the pretty little bit of lace was drying on my blocking board, I cut a piece of hankerchief cotton to the right size and packed some thread, scissors and a needle for a trip into town. Fortunately I didn't have to drive, so I hemmed the hankerchief in no time! Saturday evening, the lace was dry and stitched in place on the hankie.

I am very pleased with how this hankerchief turned out!

I am rather hesitant to use it, it's almost too pretty!

There is one thing I would change if I could. When I started spinning the silk, I didn't have an idea in mind for it. Now that it's all knitted up, I think it would have looked better if the color repeats changed more frequently. Hindsight being 20/20, I would have split the roving lengthwise into 4 parts and spun top-bottom, bottom-top, top-bottom, bottom-top. Other than that, I'm happy!

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Julie said...

wow, it looks amazing!! what a great idea.