Wednesday, June 30, 2010

In the Pink

Here's my lovely 3 ply...

50grams, 80 yds, dk/light worsted weight. Apparently I wasn't paying very close attention to the thickness of my singles and this did not end up at my typical fingering weight. Must be all the "big fat" spinning I've been doing recently!

Each of the pretty pink little knots from the previous post were gently coaxed into a handpulled roving like this one. Due to the hodge podge nature of the different fibers, this was a wee bit tricky at times. The mohair locks that were one of the samples refused to cooperate until I removed them all, carded them and put them back in.

I'm hoping it will be enough to make this:

"Jacobus" by Annita Wilschut. (links: ravelry, Annita's blog)

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