Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back to School Craziness

I've been busy getting B and M ready for going back to school.

Meetings with guidance counselors, meeting with new principal about parent council, prepping portfolios of B's work...

Since I homeschooled B last year, it's taken a little bit more effort than if she'd moved from the elementary school to the high school. She wanted to challenge herself and do two years in one. She was amazing. She worked so hard and accompished so much that we'd like her to get credit for all her hard work. It's meant a number of meetings with the guidance counsellor to ensure they have the information they need and we have the assistance we need. It's looking like it will be quite an easy transition.

All the busyness makes for less knitting time - but I'm up to 31 hexipuffs! Hexipuff production is slowing down some, as I'm out of small skeins of fingering weight wool and have had to start spinning up Phat Fiber samples in order to knit more. I'm averaging about 2 puff out of each sample.

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