Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Spindle Candy

I've been coveting the Jenkins Turkish Spindles for some time. And I finally caved in. Usually it takes a few weeks on their waiting list before they are able to fill your order, but I got lucky. After returning from Sock Summit, the Jenkins' had a Burmese Blackwood Lark that hadn't sold...

... and now it lives on my coffee table!

Calvin needs to learn that despite its petit size, it is not a cat toy with a fuzzy wuzzy tail.

This darling little spindle arrived in my mailbox yesterday, only 12 days after I ordered. Pretty impressive for cross border shopping. It came with two little samples: one of Targhee roving and the other a merino/bamboo blend. So handy, as I had to wait a few minutes for one of my kids and was able to spin in the van after I tore open the package!

It's so cute, I almost feel like it needs a name. I think it's a boy... any suggestions?

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