Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Hexipuff a Day, Keeps Insanity at Bay

Have you seen this!!!!

You have to check out Tiny Owl's video too. She's very excited about hexipuffs! I think it may be contagious.

I just found out about it on Pink Lemon Twist's blog last night around 10pm and now I have three hexipuffs!

I haven't got full out hexipuffitis yet though, as I'm not planning to attempt a quilt; only a rocking chair cushion.

I found a rocking chair that is the perfect height for me at a recent garage sale, but it needs some padding to make it more comfortable. I was considering weaving something to make a cushion out of, but then the hexipuffs found me.

I'm using various samples of yarn and fluff from my Phat Fiber boxes. I'm sticking to laceweight (held double) and fingering weight. Some of my handspun is too thin for sock weight and too thick doubled so I've needed to tweak the pattern by casting on fewer or more stitches to get hexipuffs that are all the same size.

The scarf pictured with my new-to-me chair was made with another garage sale find: a $0.50 ball of Mohair Glitter, which strangely enough, contains no mohair. I wove it on my 24inch Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom.

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